SIVO Festival SIVO Festival
SIVO Festival
3 t/m 7 augustus 2016

De Goorns 28
7873 Borger-Odoorn (Odoorn)

SIVO Festival
Postbus 5
7873 ZG Odoorn

SIVO Festival
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Welcome to the summer festival without boundaries


The SIVO festival is a 5-day international dance and music event which will take place in the Netherlands from August 3 to August 7. This family-friendly festival is held in the historic and picturesque village Odoorn. In 2016, the festival is already organized for the 32th time.


Each year, about 15-20 different dance groups visit the SIVO festival to represent their country. During the festival, these groups show and share their beautiful dancing, music and culture. The performances of the dance groups are not only characterized by the use of traditional music instruments, but also by wearing traditional costumes.


All groups perform each day of the festival on a covered outdoor stage or in the gala tent. Unique to the SIVO festival is the fact that each performance is accompanied by live music from the musicians of the group.



The spectacular dance performances of the international groups will makes visiting the SIVO festival very attractive. Also for guests who are really into music as well, the festival will become an unforgettable event. New and unique instruments will pass like the bandouria, the shofar and the guiro.


In addition to the performances of the international dance groups, there is a host of other entertainment at the festival site. During the SIVO festival, each day different workshops and demonstrations are given on dance and music by alternately Dutch and foreign groups. Furthermore, attention is paid to the Dutch traditions and our culture.



Furthermore, on weekends a multiculti market and several activities for children are organized at the festival site. At the market, with stands of Dutch and foreign people, a broad scale of goods, souvenirs, exotic food and special drinks will be presented. On the kids’ square, the younger visitors of the SIVO festival can participate in various activities, like ‘dance together’, tinkering and baking little breads. These activities are supported by SIVO volunteers.



Come visit the international dance and music festival SIVO and become familiar with other cultures and traditions. With the help of more than 500 international dancers and musicians from all over the world and many volunteers from the Netherlands, we are very proud that we can organize this fantastic SIVO festival already for the 32th time.

See you between August 3 and August 7 at the international dance and music festival SIVO in Odoorn, the Netherlands.





SIVO is a member of IOV (the International Organization of Folk Arts, settled in Mödling, Austria) and of CIOFF (The International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art)