SIVO Festival SIVO Festival
SIVO Festival
3 t/m 7 augustus 2016

De Goorns 28
7873 Borger-Odoorn (Odoorn)

SIVO Festival
Postbus 5
7873 ZG Odoorn

SIVO Festival
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General information

Each year, the international dance and music festival SIVO takes place during week 31 (around August 1). The festival starts on Wednesday and lasts until Sunday. During the festival about fifteen foreign as well as four Dutch groups are performing.


All foreign groups are hosted by the organization of the festival in collaboration with host families who live in the vicinity of the festival site. Therefore, groups are asked to arrive on the Tuesday before the festival begins, and groups have to leave on the Monday following the festival. During the festival, each group is accompanied by two SIVO-host(esse)s who will guide the group and form the link between the organization of the festival and the leaders of the group.




When you would like to participate in the SIVO festival as a dance group, your group should consist of 10-36 members (including musicians, leaders, driver(s), etc.). An important feature of the festival is that the dance group perform to ‘live music’. The use of recorded music in not accepted.


Since the organization of the festival have experienced difficulties with accommodating children with host families, children (0-16 years) are not accepted to be part of the dance group. Besides, the SIVO festival will only organize shelter for those who are directly involved by the dance group. This means that for example ‘tourists’ (i.e. members who have nothing to do with the performances of the group) will not be accommodated by the festival. These ‘extra persons’ will have to pay for themselves during their stay at the Netherlands.



During the festival all dance groups will participate in different kinds of performances. Alternately the group dances on a covered stage in the open air and in a big gala tent. When dancing on a covered stage, several groups are performing after each other. On these stages electricity, and therefore amplification, is available.


A special characteristic of performing on one of the stages in the open air is the fact that the audience stands directly next to the stage. When your group performs in the big gala tent you don’t have to participate in the dance-round of that evening. The gala show is characterized by the very good amplification of the musicians/ vocalists, the attractive lighting of the dancers and the costumes and of course the big audience!


The different kinds of performances throughout the SIVO festival are:
- Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night: a dance-round at the covered stages in the open air and a show in the gala tent
- Saturday afternoon: a dance-round at the covered stages in the open air and a show in the gala tent
- Saterday night: a dance-round at the covered stages in the open air and a show in the gala tent
- Sunday afternoon: a dance-round at the covered stages in the open air and a show in the gala tent



During the festival, all members of the dance group (including musicians, leaders, driver(s) etc.) will stay with several host families in Odoorn and in the surrounding villages. Persons stay in pairs with the families and the leader of the group is asked to divide the members of the group into pairs of two people. While staying with the host family, the family members will try to make the lodgers part of their family. The host families are not paid for their hospitality. Therefore, we ask the guests to respect the rules of the house and of the host family.




The transport costs of the trip to Odoorn and back home again have to be paid by the dance group themselves. The organization of the SIVO festival may only contribute a little in these costs (about € 350,-). The costs of lodging, meals, drinks and an excursion are paid by the SIVO festival.



Participation at the SIVO festival is at your own risk. Groups must be insured against all risks of life, like illness, hospitalization, and accidents, etc. The SIVO festival will not take any responsibility for any financial or other consequences regarding the risks that have been mentioned here.

At the festival site, there is First Aid available for small accidents etc. This help is offered free of charge. The organization of the SIVO festival has taken and will take all precautions to avoid any unnecessary risks for both the participants and the audience/ SIVO volunteers.


Politics / Religion

The SIVO festival respects all opinions concerning religion and politics. Groups can participate to the festival independently of their religious and/or political background. Despite this, religious or political activities are not allowed on the festival site.

On Sunday morning, the last day of the festival, a special SIVO Service will be organized in the local church of Odoorn. Groups can attend this ecumenical meeting or join in when they are asked to participate by the local vicar.



Any activity, either from any individual or any group, that could harm the festival is not allowed. If necessary, the organization of the SIVO festival will take measures.



In situations which are not covered by these 'Conditions', SIVO will reserve the rights to make its own decision. If necessary or requested, SIVO will consult individuals and/or groups that are involved.



Before a group can participate in the SIVO festival the group has to accept these prescribed conditions of the festival. The leaders of the group are kindly but urgently requested to inform the members of their group about these conditions!!!