SIVO Festival SIVO Festival
SIVO Festival
3 t/m 7 augustus 2016

De Goorns 28
7873 Borger-Odoorn (Odoorn)

SIVO Festival
Postbus 5
7873 ZG Odoorn

SIVO Festival
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In addition to this form you have to send us as soon as possible:
* DVD (video) with your recent best performance
* CD with some photo materials (High quality)
* Written information in English language about history, aims of the group and detailed  programme information for the GALA presentation
* List of festivals where your group has participated
Please send all material to the postal address of the Impresario of SIVO Festival:
SIVO Festival
Geert Nijhof, impresario
Duivenveld 35
7827 NA  EMMEN
The Netherlands.
At the charges of the festival organisation:
Accomodation and all meals in host families in the neighbourhood of the festival
Small compensation for travellingcosts by bus
Transportation by bus from Schiphol airport to Odoorn for groups, arriving by plane
At the charges of the group:
The journey from your country to the festival place Odoorn (NL) or to Amsterdam (Schiphol-airport), in case of travelling by air
DVD or video with recent performances of the group
High quality digital photos
Flag of the country of origin
Exchange presents
Written informations about the group and its show